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What I Do
I have been a full-time web designer since 1999 when I was first hired as a web professional to help solve website issues; however, the functional description for a web designer today is closer to Front-End Developer. The web design industry has come a long way since then! My tools for construction are HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Visual Studio along with Adobe's master collection; Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and, occasionally, Illustrator and Audition all find their way into my hands as they are needed. I am constantly trying to develop a better eye for balance, color and detail. I test websites in 4 major browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome to make sure my web page features work properly in them.

Where I've Been
After a successful career diagnosing and repairing mainframe and super-mini computer systems, I decided a change was in order. The Internet presented itself as a great possibility for a new career, so I went ahead, and never looked back.

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