About Me

Kelley Thompson

I've been designing websites since 1999 and I really love it! I'm not a graphic designer per se, but I can create decent images. I like to dabble in Javascript and I code around both classic ASP and ASP .Net at work.

I like music. Classic rock is my favorite (70's-80's-90's), but I enjoy folk music, pop, rock and even progressive country (Eagles, Poco). Some classical. Just about anything but rap... Former lead singer for a Christian rock band.

I enjoy photography, as you can see on a few of my websites. I've made some great ones purely by accident! I took all the photos you will see in these pages, so if you like them, wonderful! If not...

For my community, I was the former webmaster of the Arlington Bowie High School's marching band website from about 2002 until 2009. This also provided me an outlet for photography! Another volunteer website I designed is for the Bowie High School Football team, now being maintained by the football booster club (original design here). I also created a website for my old neighborhood, Coldwater Creek to help keep all my neighbors informed about what's happening in the neighborhood.

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